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A few times per year we will send around a WSM Newsletter as a pdf with short reports on the project progress, key publications and software tools. We will also dessiminate job offers and topical conferences related to the crustal stress field (Newsletter archive and subscription is described in the boxes to the right). Besides the WSM Newsletter we also distribute informations via a WSM twitter. If you subscribe there you will receive also short news more regularly.

NEW World Stress Map database release 2016

For the 30th anniversary of the WSM project we compiled the WSM database release 2016. It is a major step forward providing almost the twice the number of data records compared to the WSM 2008 database release. Thanks to the efforts of the international community of researchers the WSM database release 2016 contains the 42,870 data records and provides in a number of regions such as Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Iceland, Texas, Oklahoma, Switzerland, China, Italy, and New Zealand a significant increase of data records.

WSM database visualization in Google Earth

With Google Earth we also use a modern platform to provide a fast and detailed view on the WSM database release 2016. Besides the SHmax orientation and the color coded tectonic regime the Google Earth visualization contains the plate boundaries from Bird (2003). Furthermore, with a mouse click you will get detailed technical information for the data record of interest. Provided you have installed Google Earth, download the WSM database in Google Earth format and simply drag and drop the file into an open Google Earth window.

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